Metagenomics-based small molecule discovery platform targeting infectious diseases, immunology, and oncology


New York, NY


Series A


Acquired (by publicly traded company)

Lodo Therapeutics Corporation discovers and develops novel therapeutics addressing undruggable targets by applying its proprietary platform to tap the vast collections of undiscovered molecules encoded in environmental microbial DNA. These evolutionarily optimized leads include structurally diverse molecules with drug-like properties that have been largely inaccessible until now. The Lodo platform leverages breakthroughs in next-generation sequencing, artificial intelligence/machine learning and synthetic biology to increase speed and efficiency by orders of magnitude.

Lodo Therapeutics entered into a license agreement with The Rockefeller University to practice and expand upon this technology platform and approach to developing therapeutics for unmet medical needs around the globe. Since 2014, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has sponsored research in the laboratory of Dr. Sean Brady to support this drug discovery platform, and was part of the syndicate for Lodo.

Sean F. Brady, PhD
David L. Pompliano, PhD