“We are in the business of rewarding risk-takers, even if they fall short once in a while. We are not afraid to do hard things.

Merika Koday, PhD


Merika Koday, PhD, is an Accelerator Associate and is responsible for sourcing and evaluating emerging biotechnology investment opportunities. She also provides project management and scientific development oversight to select Accelerator portfolio companies, including ApoGen Biotechnologies, Rodeo Therapeutics (acquired by Amgen Inc.), and Lydian Neurosciences.

Before joining Accelerator in 2018, Dr. Koday served as project manager for Cell and Gene Therapy at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. She helped advance basic research programs into clinical development and supported industry partnerships and collaborations.  

Previously, Dr. Koday was a co-founder and Senior Scientist at Virvio, a University of Washington spin-out company focused on developing de novo designed proteins as therapeutic alternatives to monoclonal antibodies.

Merika received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington and a B.S. from the Colorado School of Mines.