“I love working with entrepreneurs at the earliest stage of science.  When success comes from these very novel ideas, you can truly revolutionize health care for patients.”

Kendall M. Mohler, PhD


Dr. Ken Mohler serves as Managing Director of Accelerator.  Dr. Mohler previously served as Chief Development Officer of Accelerator Life Science Partners and its portfolio companies, where he oversaw the Science & Development Team that is responsible for assessing new investment opportunities for the firm. Dr. Mohler worked closely with all ALSP portfolio companies, including Automera and KayoThera, Inc where he provided oversight over key scientific research and product development activities. Previously, Dr. Mohler served as Senior Vice President of Research at Juno Therapeutics Inc. Before that, he served as Chief Scientific Officer of Juno Therapeutics and ZetaRx Biosciences, a predecessor company acquired by Juno Therapeutics. Before Juno Therapeutics, Dr. Mohler co-founded Trubion Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel protein therapeutics to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and cancer. At Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Mohler served as the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President. Prior to Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Mohler served as Vice President of Biological Sciences of Immunex, where he led research and development activities in the areas of transplantation, autoimmunity, and inflammation, and where he served as the scientific leader for the development of Enbrel (etanercept).

Dr. Mohler has published more than 35 manuscripts and has 4 issued patents and 6 pending patent applications. He received a Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Texas Health Science Center and a B.S. from the University of Kansas.