“I chose venture capital because I prefer investing in people over making investments based solely on numbers and financial information. Focusing on biotech gives me the opportunity to meet and be inspired by remarkable entrepreneurs with innovative life science solutions.”

Casey McFarlane


Mr. McFarlane has more than 10 years of legal experience in the corporate sector. He currently serves as Legal Director for Accelerator, where he supports legal and compliance operations across the firm’s investment portfolio. Mr. McFarlane has played a key role in numerous series A financings and bridge loans.

Prior to joining Accelerator in 2019, Mr. McFarlane worked for several corporations and prestigious law firms throughout the pacific northwest, gaining a wealth of knowledge in securities along the way. At Ellis Le McKinstry, Mr. McFarlane was responsible for the corporate compliance of hundreds of clients while also supporting attorneys in trial. Mr. McFarlane is a certified paralegal and received an Associate of Applied Sciences in legal studies from Pioneer Pacific College. Mr. McFarlane is a member of Oregon Paralegal Association (OPA) and National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). In his spare time, Mr. McFarlane is a volunteer home builder for habitat for humanity, and advocate for climate change, and proponent of diversity and inclusion.