Unlocking the power of autophagy-mediated degradation with innovative chimeric small molecule platform




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Automera is an early-stage therapeutics company focused on the development of autophagy-targeting chimeras (AUTACs). By harnessing the versatile degrading power of autophagy, AUTACs are designed to provide a more flexible approach to the targeted degradation of disease-causing proteins and beyond. Augmented with quantum chemistry and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled drug discovery tools, Automera’s AUTAC platform has the potential to rapidly generate novel therapeutics for a broad range of diseases. The primary focus of Automera is to advance assets that will showcase the adaptability and efficacy of the platform, with oncology being the initial lead program.

Automera, launched in 2023, has its R&D activities centered in Singapore and is ALSP’s first portfolio company with an international footprint. Automera’s Series A funding was co-led by ALSP and ClavystBio, with participation from EDBI, Xora Innovation, and other investors.

Loong Wang
Michael Lazarou
Tai Zhang