We are entrepreneurs at heart and are passionate about building world-class biotechnology companies.  Our team consists of talented entrepreneurs that combine a deep knowledge of scientific research, product development, and business development to help position breakthrough science for success. Our passion is your power and we put our insight, experience, and expertise to work in helping you to achieve your goals.

Thong Q. Le

Chief Executive Officer

Ian A.W. Howes

Chief Financial Officer

David M. Schubert

Chief Operating Partner

Court R. Turner, JD

Chief Business Officer

Dr. Kendall Mohler

Chief Development Officer

Dr. Alice Chen

Vice President

Dr. Jonathan Mandelbaum


Dr. Merika Koday


Suzanne Rettenmier


Jessica Burback

Senior Director of Operations & HR

Our Directors have extensive expertise in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and they know from personal experience what it takes to finance and operate a successful life science company. They believe in the power of innovative science to radically improve human health and are dedicated to supporting us in our mission to turn today’s scientific discoveries into tomorrow’s breakthrough products.

Dr. Bruce Carter


Dr. Barbara J. Dalton

Pfizer Ventures

M. Johnston Erwin, Jr.

Eli Lilly and Company

Dr. Steven Gillis

ARCH Venture Partners

Dr. David Hirsh


Dr. Leroy Hood


Sundar Kodiyalam


Thong Q. Le

Accelerator Life Science Partners

Joel S. Marcus

Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.
Alexandria Venture Investments

Dr. James P. Sullivan


Dr. Asish K. Xavier

Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation

Dr. Tadataka Yamada


Our Operating Partners leverage their years of experience in specific areas of expertise to identify new investment areas and specific company-building opportunities.  They also support the management and scientific oversight of our portfolio companies, helping you to reach your innovative potential.

Andrew Howard, Ph.D.

(New York, NY)

Wendy S. Johnson

(San Diego, CA)

David L. Pompliano, Ph.D.

(New York, NY)

Francisco D. Salva

(Philadelphia, PA)

John T. Santini, Jr., Ph.D.

(Minneapolis, MN)

David M. Schubert

(New York, NY)

Christopher Toombs, Ph.D.

(Seattle, WA)

Court R. Turner, J.D.

(San Diego, CA)

Transforming a breakthrough scientific idea into an innovative product takes more than robust data. Our clinical and scientific advisors support the complete spectrum of product development activities, providing critical insights into preclinical research, clinical trial design and strategy and regulatory pathways.

Lee E. Babiss, Ph.D.

John Latham, Ph.D.

George L. McLendon, Ph.D.

Kendall M. Mohler, Ph.D.

Gerald T. Nepom, M.D., Ph.D.

Homer L. Pearce, Ph.D.

Anil K. Singhal, Ph.D.

James Tobin, Ph.D.