Accelerator Life Science Partners catalyzes the development and commercialization of breakthrough biotechnology innovations. We are trusted partners that provide a complete business, scientific, and financial toolkit necessary for successfully establishing and operating an early-stage biotechnology company. We nurture our companies across all stages and in all facets of development, setting them on a path that offers the greatest chance for long-term success. Among these key resources are committed investment capital, experienced start-up management, world-class scientific expertise, and state-of-the-art laboratories and shared facilities.

We are uniquely positioned to provide this unprecedented collection of capabilities and resources through our partnership with top-tier investors, seasoned executive managers, and numerous world-class research institutions that partner closely with us. Our partners have extensive experience in transforming great ideas into viable commercial products and they provide our companies with critical knowledge to streamline the development and commercialization of novel technologies. The value of our collective resources has been validated over more than a decade of successful investing in life science companies that are helping to shape the rapidly evolving future of medicine and healthcare.